What Women Want From Men (The Secret)

What Women Want From Men Revealed

What Women Want From MenCanBoko Haram kills 15 in Borno State, CAN rejects dialogue. Read more ... » you guess what every Lady want from a Guy? Might sounds Simple but keeps them loving you.

What Women Want From Men

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Many men keep wondering “What do my partner want? How do i satisfy her (all round and not just…) Who knows. But figuring out what women want in men is crucial to becoming effective not only in dealing with women, but developing the kind of Dating Life you really want.

Men believe that women are from a different planet but this is not true. Women are simple creatures who want love, respect and care from men – Womenz Mag

There are three specific traits. And naturally there are also three corresponding reasons why women want these traits in men.

Let’s take some time to explore them in detail.

Ultimately, what women want in men is to have their needs and desires fulfilled.

Every woman needs a feel of:

A. SecurityFour Killed and Eleven Suspected Boko Haram Arrested. Read more ... »: Trust me, every woman wahts to feel Secured. Women want to feel safe. In today’s civilized world however, safety isn’t really that big of an issue anymore.

B. Pleasure: Women want to feel pure sensual stimulation. What do men talk about? Business, sportsAlex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger sides with Referee Clattenburg. Read more ... », and women. But what do women talk about? S ex, men, relationships, and se x. Did i mention S ex? he hehe he. Thats the truth. Its lot as if they gossip all day but its something in their nature and you must allow them to.

C. Adventure: Gone are those days when all what women do is “sit at home and give birth. Now, women want to feel excitement and anticipation. They have a strong desire to trust in someone who will lead them into emotional charged experiences that they wouldn’t have the courage to go alone.

Now, what you’ll notice is that; what women want in men are traits that allow her to experience the condition that meet her needs and desires.

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