Police Brutality kills LASAMBUS driver at Surulere

LASAMBUS driver dies after police brutality

A LASAMBUS Nigeria driver of the LagosIgbo’s deported to Anambra sues Lagos govt. Read more ... » State Ambulance Service, Jimoh Fasasi, has reportedly killed by police in Lagos.

Fasasi was on his motorcycle when he was arrested at Surulere Police Station at Barracks Bus Stop around 6pm for using the bridge.

Image from news2.onlinenigeria

An argument ensued between the two parties when the policemen hit the driver with the butt of his gun.

An eyewithness recorded that “The man was wearing a LASAMBUS uniform and I think he also showed them his identity card too. They still did not let him go. I did not think the altercation was serious when I heard them arguing” – Punch

Some other eyewitnesses said the policemen wanted the driver to bribe them but the deceased chose to call someone for help, adding that this infuriated the policemen.


  1. Sheikh El maimanz says

    What a SHAME!!!!!! Always in the news for the wrong reasons.

    They never respect their fellow citizens.