Pastor Drowns Trying To Walk On Water

Pastor Drowns Trying To Walk On Water

A Christian Evangelist tried to perform one of the wonders of Jesus Christ, the Messaish, The Son of The Living God, The Bright and The Morning Star, he wanted to walk on water but unfortunately for him, he drown of the West Coast of Africa.

Pastor walks on water

The name of the Evangelist is Pastor Franck Kabele, aged 35, he had earlier told his congregation that he could replicate such feat of Jesus miracle and he went ahead to carry the TEST in Gabon’s beach, near Libreville, the capital city.

He told his church members that he had revelation that if he had possess enough faith, he could surely walk on water, just as Jesus did in Matthew 14:22-33.

According to an eyewitness, Pastor Kabele took his church members to the beach declaring he could walk across the Kombo estuary, which takes approximately 20 minutes by boat.

He took his first step into the water, which soon overwhelm and passed above his head and that was it, he never came back.

It canCAN: Beware of Bomb as Christian Parcels. Read more ... » be noted that Ignorance of the Bible is what killed Pastor Kabele, because, it is written in the Bible, ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’ Hosea 4:6, if he was more knowledgeable of the scriptures, then he will know that faith are in levels, even Jesus Christ Himself said in Matthew 4:7 that We should not put the lord our God into test.
The pastor was testing God, and he wanted fame for himself, not for God, for it is written All The Glory Must Be Unto the Lord.

Had poor Pastor.Kabele known his Bible much more better, he would not have attempted his “show-off” feat; had he had a bit amount of common sense, he should have discovered he could not “walk on water, like Christ did.

We should be conscious of the fact that God is not a respecter of person, Jesus is not a magician, he his a miracle worker, even though he said if your faith is as little as a mustard seed, you could move mountains.

But believe me, to have that kind of little mustard seed faith is not a jokeJoke: I want to tell you Something. Read more ... », it is not easy to get, it is better to just acknowledge the fact that Jesus is the christ and tell of his works than trying to fake it for yourself and selfish gains.

Now, this pastor has only succeeded in announcing himself as a FAKE PASTOR, UNSENT MAN OF GOD.

A similar case occured also in Ibadan zoo, south-west Nigeria when a self-acclaimed Prophet said he could do what Daniel did by entering into the den of Lions.

The zoo keepers tried to dissuade him, urging him to forget about such mission as it will be sucide, but he only saw them as enemies of progress.

He succeeded in letting the zoo keepers grant him entry into the den of lions, the prophet was putting on a red long robe, by now people and tourist have gathered to witness the NEW DANIEL.

As he opened the cage, it was the Lions themselves that draw him inside and devour him from flesh to bone.

Please, don’t do anything except it is commanded by God.

Pastor Drowns Trying To Walk On Water