Nigeria 2013 Budget: Here is a Breakdown of Nigeria’s 2013 Budget

Nigeria 2013 Budget as approved by President JonathanJonathan, Mark, others congratulate Mimiko while ACN faulted results. Read more ... » is viewable by the public. Here is a breakdown of NigeriaBride Assembly petitions Babatunde Fashola over property demolition. Read more ... »’s 2013 Budget.It is worthy of note that the Nigeria’s 2013 Budget as passed by the National assembly stood at N4.987 trillion.

The  Nigeria 2013 Budget was increased by 63 million naira since the initial budget proposal submitted by President JonathanDiepreye Alamieyeseigha, my Political Benefactor - Jonathan. Read more ... » was N4.924 Trillion.

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- N387,976,000,000 for statutory transfers

- N591,764,000,000 went for debt service

- N2,386,024,770,349 earmarked for recurrent (non-debt) expenditure

N1,621,477,655,252 for capital expenditure.

Nigeria 2013 Budget : Capital Expenditure

- N168,173,800,000 allocated for Works

- N84,228,166,366 allocated for Water Resources

- N73,159,378,866 allocated for Power24 hour Electricity Supply in June 2013, Jonathan. Read more ... »

It is also worthy of note that In line with the executive’s desire to see the 2013 budget passed before the end of last year the two chambers of the National Assembly approved the proposal on December 20. Though the lawmakers adopted the crude oil production capacity of 2.53 million barrels per day and an exchange rate of N160 to the dollar proposed by the executive, they raised the benchmark oil price from $75 per barrel to $79, and added extra N63 billion to the budget.

Now, what ‘s next on the implementation of Nigeria’s 2013 Budget?